Tusks, also known as Emily Underhill, has released the lead single and title track from her upcoming debut album Dissolve; which she has written, produced and organised the art and video direction for.

When she's not record shopping with The 405, Tusks makes heartfelt and sophisticated pop music. A rather gorgeous instance of nominative determinism, 'Dissolve' evinces Underhill's effortlessly serene vocals and ear for melody at their most bombastic. She's referred her sound to a panoply of influences ranging from Explosions In The Sky to Bonobo, but on 'Dissolve' I hear the celestial truncations of Slowdive or Cocteau Twins, a concord between pop balladry and shoegaze expansiveness that somehow retains an incisive intimacy.

There's a reason her music feels so colossal. She's explained "I grew up by the sea and I've always tried to spend as much time outside and travel as much as possible - I think perhaps subconsciously that all influences how cinematic some of my music can be and why I love creating the artwork to go with it."

Dissolve is out October 13th.