As the days get increasingly colder and darker, I, a natural born couch potato, need a very strong reason to leave the house and not just lay around in two pairs of winter socks getting cosy with herbal teas (and other herbs), watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210.

A Twin Peaks gig is definitely one of those reasons, and let me tell you - I don't have a single regret about moving my butt down to the Canal Saint Martin to watch the Chicago quintet.

Since they have one of the least SEO-friendly names ever (along with Girls and Temples), I must confess - I'm a rather recent fan. I only discovered them earlier this year when they released their Down In Heaven LP, but was immediately hooked. Not only does their music sound incredibly familiar, but they also seem to emanate this amazingly vivid, feel-good goofy vibe that works as a vehicle for their songs -- a glue of sorts.

I was curious to see if this "glue" was something one would feel even more live. I was also very much looking forward to seeing opening act Happyness. I'd given their new Tunnel Vision On Your Part EP a couple of spins earlier in the day and was properly hyped for the double bill.

I've been to my fair share of concerts in Paris, but I had absolutely no idea Twin Peaks were so big here. From the moment they appeared onstage until they played the last chord, a very excitable audience jumped up and down incessantly, singing along to almost every song. The bewildered crowd was also a heterogeneous bunch: middle-aged couples, straight-outta-Portland, brilliantly blue-dyed mermaid hair, and even Bombay Bicycle Club t-shirts -- I saw it all.

Opening with 'Butterfly', one of the biggest earworms of the year, Twin Peaks delivered a five-star performance, in which they both were ultra-tight and had loads of fun -- actually, that's exactly what they kept saying from the start, that they just wanted to have some fun. I met Colin outside right before the show, and he was so psyched about the whole thing, as if he was about to see his favourite band perform: "This is gonna be great, isn't it? I'm so excited." The show featured multiple highlights including 'Walk To The One You Love', 'Wanted You', and 'Have You Ever', and just before these last two, Cadien noticed there was a disco ball in the room: "Hey man, think you could turn that on? I really love disco balls," which the light guys promptly did, to much delight of both the band and the audience.

Twin Peaks remind me of The Turtles a lot. I think that's partially because they don't play the dress-up-look-fashionable card we tend to see with most neo-fuzz-psych acts nowadays - they're more engaged in having fun and goofing around. But maybe it's also because of the attention they give to the harmonies; it's great that they do the whole shebang live, since their music really breathes through it. Oh, and because I could totally see them nailing a cover of 'Elenore' *nod nod wink wink*.

All in all, this was a highly energising show. You could feel the jingle-jangling ripping the air open as if it were 1965 Los Angeles, but at the same time, the punkish fuzz brought you back to the glorious post-modernist times of rock.