Twin Shadow has mostly been dabbling in remixes and production work for most of the year. There's been hope that he's working on an album though, with the release of his Zeds Dead collaboration 'Lost You' and his other new tune 'To the Top', and thankfully that seems to be the case. He's now confirmed that a follow-up to 2012's Confess is on the way, with a tentative release date of October.

He was recently a guest on the show Comedy Bang! Bang!'s podcast for an incredibly awkward (and slightly sexual) interview, he diverged a bit of information - including that his ideal sex partner "depends on the country" he's in, I guess) - but he also performed two new songs we can expect on the album, 'To the Top' and 'Locked and Loaded'. Skip to the 6:50 mark for the beginning of the interview. 'Locked and Loaded' begins at 1:01:45, and 'To the Top' is at 1:36:44.

Listen below.

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