Twin Shadow has detailed his new album, Eclipse, which is out on March 16/17 via Warner Bros.

Along with the tracklist, album cover and teaser video, George Lewis Jr. shared the following note about the album:

"My whole world seemed to come apart during the recording and touring of my first two albums. It seemed to break off into two large chunks; one relating to self awareness and confidence and the other being a desire to seek out the best in people around me. They began to drift slowly away from each other. Balancing the two became an almost impossible task and I feared having to choose one or the other.

"Before the start of the recording of Eclipse I felt these things pull even further away, and in thinking I had lost both, I felt a deep solitude. When I began recording in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (where I built my studio), I forgot about these things and focused only on what was in front of me: practical things, mundane things, things that simply kept me busy and not bored.

"Without realizing it during this period, the things I lost hold of began to move towards each other again. Through this shift many things began to re-establish themselves; including loving relationships, a strength in the dynamic between my mother & I, as well as energetic states of mind and general excitement to play music. Things were aligned again without me trying to control them."

  • Eclipse tracklist:
  • 01. Flatliners
  • 02. When The Lights Turn Out
  • 03. To The Top
  • 04. Alone Feat. Lily Elise
  • 05. Eclipse
  • 06. Turn Me Up
  • 07. I’m Ready
  • 08. Old Love/New Love Feat. D’Angelo Lacy
  • 09. Half Life
  • 10. Watch Me Go
  • 11. Locked & Loaded