Hailing from Oakland, California, describing their music as “difficult” and “soul violence” and without a Wikipedia page, it seems that new kids on the block Twin Steps are trying to spark some curiosity. In an age where just about anyone can start a band, set up a MySpace/Bandcamp/Soundcloud account and slowly take over the world, sometimes it's necessary for a band to have something a bit different about them, to let themselves stand out. With the release of 10” EP Serial Parade, their world domination plan is taking its first, ahem, steps.


Despite their descriptions hinting at something new and a bit different, the sound of Serial Parade is something of a throwback. As demonstrated by bands such as Tennis and Best Coast, having a 60s surfer sound can work. With every sound, there comes a breaking point, and although Twin Steps aren't that point, you have a feeling that the curtain call is coming. Full of Beach Boys backing vocals and guitar riffs sounding like mini guitar solos throughout, and only 4 songs in length, you'd assume there's little room to vary themselves, but they at least flex their musical muscles.


It would've been easy to choose 4 songs that showcase themselves as 100% throwbackers (is that word? Well it is now!). The sound remains the same, but with 'Wave Of My Emotion' and 'Junkie Song' you've got 2 songs that you can see being played on festival stages, and perhaps that is the main limitation of this surf sound. It works well on sunny days, but on some of the cold and rainy days we experience, it starts to grate on you. Luckily they have 'Pitch Black Forest' and 'Pinkie Promise' in their arsenal, that you can choose to listen to if the clouds are looking a bit grey.


Overall, it's a good footing for a band starting their assault on the ears of the general public, and although it doesn't stand out from the pack enough that will garner the band a huge cult following from the offset, if they can place themselves nicely amongst festival lineups this summer, they'll give themselves a fighting chance of turning a few more heads with their next release. Intriguing but not challenging, but there's definitely more to come, and we can only wait to see what their next steps will be.