Hey it's !!! (pronunciation: Chk Chk Chk) and they're gonna be releasing a new album called As If. Previously, back in April they released 'All U Writers', which is also taken from the upcoming release, scheduled to arrive on 16th October via Warp. But along with this album announcement they've also shared not one but two tracks for your aural pleasure: 'Freedom! '15' and 'Sick Ass Moon', the latter being a slice of experimental late-night disco and the former something closer to the legible groove that knowers-and-lovers of !!! first fell for in the mid-2000s. Check both of those out below.

As If is !!!'s fifth album, and their first since Strange Weather, Isn't It? (2013). Pre-order it on CD/LP/digital from iTunes, Bleep, or Google Play. Or all three.

As If tracklist: 01. All U Writers 02. Sick Ass Moon 03. Every Little Bit Counts 04. Freedom! '15 05. Ooo 06. All the Way 07. Til The Money Runs Out 08. Bam City 09. Funk (I Got This) 10. Lucy Mongoosey 11. I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)