It's good we're finally living in a world where a public apology is no longer enough to compensate years and years of abuse, as if it magically cleaned the offender's slate and undid all the the victims went through: "ah, he says sorry, so it's ok, we all should forgive him."

Following the recently surfaced accusations of sexual misconduct with minors against him, Brand New's Jesse Lacey has issued a statement via Facebook in which he says admits not standing "in defence of myself nor do I forgive myself."

It is, however, too little too late, especially since they follow ongoing years of abuse which have now been detailed by two of the victims. One, Nicole Garey, has shared her story via Facebook (though her post has now been deleted), saying she first met the Brand New frontman in 2003, when she was only 15. She was photographing a Brand New concert and gave Lacey her email address; he continuously asked her to send him nude photos, which she did, saying she was "flattered because [the singer of] one of your favorite bands is interested in you and nobody’s taken interest in you before," Lacey told Pitchfork. "I didn’t really see it for what it was because when you’re a teenager you think, 'I know everything, I’m an adult.'" They kept in touch until she was about 22, when one day Lacey skyped her while he was masturbating: "I know I should’ve turned it off, but there’s something in me that couldn’t," Garey says.

The other victim, music journalist and concert photographer Emily Driskill, was 16 at the time when she met Lacey (2002): she was given his messenger name by a friend and they eventually met in person for an interview, during which Lacey commented on her body and breasts. "He was the first person to ever tell me that I was hot," she says. "In hindsight as an adult woman, I know I was preyed on." She was also asked for nude photos, and allegedly masturbated on video chat, attempting to manipulate her into "engaging in sexual situations with other people, on camera, for his viewing pleasure." As she didn't oblige or didn't take her clothes off, Lacey would say "well, I guess I won’t be seeing you the next time I come to Houston." During a show she attended with her brother when she was 18, she met Lacey who took her back to the venue saying he needed to get his things: "I was walking around with him to find his backpack, and then it went from zero to 60 when he closed the door," Driskill recalls. "He pinned me against the wall with his knee between my legs."

It's unclear exactly how the unveiling of these abuses will affect Brand New, who were on tour promoting their new album Science Fiction, but they have since then cancelled their UK tour with no further information.