What exactly to make of the multi-year resurgence of the vinyl industry isn't readily set in stone. Whether the return of the retro format is simply a mark of market-savvy nostalgia, or there is indeed a more broad mass market that can be sustained for more yearly cycles cannot be exactly quantified. However, there's no mistaking that at least right now the trend is real and currently profitable.

Now, the steadily re-growing industry needs to meet the surprisingly high demand across continents. Meeting the demand is the U.S., which is set to open two brand new processing facilities in Vermont and Oregon.

Find the mechanical material for the plant wasn't terribly easy, as the founders of the Burlington Record Plant in Vermont explained to VPR; "They don't make them anymore," founder Justin Crowther explains. "They haven't made a press since, I think, the early 1970s. You get what you can get and rebuild them. We found these in Germany."

Oregon's Cascade Record Pressing is already beginning to take in orders (of which can be made here), and Burlington's will be in operation later in June.