Keep Dreaming Baby, the debut EP from Margate four-piece Two Wounded Birds, has been on constant rotation on my iTunes since I saw them support The Drums on their UK tour. There's certainly a lot of buzz circulating around the band, who are signed to independent record label Holiday Friends and have been repeatedly compared to California surf-pop band The Beach Boys, despite hailing from a slightly less sunny Margate. I caught up with the band just after they came off tour with The Drums. How would you describe Two Wounded Birds sound to someone who'd never heard your music? Its the sound of young people growing up and trying to deal with all the things that affect us. I just love to write and want to make songs that are timeless. You just toured with The Drums, how did you find that? Was there a standout show? I really enjoyed every show, but a few stick out, Lux in Portugal, because the whole venue was packed when we were on and the crowd were really close and really into us. Everything about that show, the performance, the crowd, the vibe was amazing. I also really enjoyed London and Manchester, it was nice to get such a warm reception! You're also signed to Holiday Friends, The Drums Guitarist Jacob Graham's label, how did that come about? Jacob and Jon found us one day on Myspace around April and we talked pretty much everyday since then, we talked about doing a download release straight away which resulted in 'My Lonesome' being put out there. Then we talked about doing a physical release and ended up with our EP, which we are all thrilled with. What would you say were the greatest influences on Two Wounded Birds? Hmm, musically, I’d say 50's pop, just because of the melodies, that 60's West Coast thing which we love, especially the Beach Boys. Big fans of The Doors as well, Stones, Cramps, there is too many to list! Overall I think we find some stuff from the past really enchanting and exciting, and want to continue that. Do you listen to more current music, or more music from the past? I think its a mix of both. I love finding old records that I’ve never heard, but also I get such a big buzz from hearing a new band that I love, and I think at the moment is the healthiest time for music in a long time. Where did you record your EP, Keep Dreaming Baby? All the songs for the EP were recorded in Rochester, Kent at Ranscombe Studios. There is an amazing guy there Jim Riley who has all this crazy old analogue equipment which is perfect for our sound, and he captures it really well. We record everything onto Reel To Reel and it gives this really nice warm wide sound, and I don’t think we could do it any other way, it would feel like cheating. What song on the EP would you say best defines the sound of Two Wounded Birds? Its hard to pick just one because I love them all in a different way, argh! I cant pick.....ok, I’ll pick.…‘My Lonesome‘. The EP has a fairly lo-fi sound, was that intentional or was it a result of a tight budget? Budget didn’t come into it really, I’m just sick of sometimes how all these new albums are so glossy and shiny and I feel I cant get under their skin because the productions so high and 'professional'. I love the way certain records are mixed and recorded/produced, and just wanted the recordings to sound exciting and alive. You're currently writing songs for an album, how do they sound in comparison to Keep Dreaming Baby? It’s quite a mix, that’s just one song, one sound, hmm, I’d say its kind of taking its own weird and wonderful direction. What's next for Two Wounded Birds? Perhaps a single in the new year and hopefully an album release by summer is what we are hoping for!
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