Californian musicians Ty Segall (Epsilons, Party Fowl) and White Fence have announced a collaborative album. The pair will team up to release Hair on 28th April and if the press release is anything to go buy this album will be nothing short of mind bending psychedelica!

"Hair grows like grass beneath your feet, opens up your mind and reflects you in the fun house mirror - spreading past your borderlines, bouncing like rubber, growing and grooving towards the sky (with diamonds)."


  • 1 Time
  • 2 I Am Not a Game
  • 3 Easy Ryder
  • 4 The Black Glove/Rag
  • 5 Crybaby
  • 6 (I Can't) Get Around You
  • 7 Scissor People
  • 8 Tongues