Over the course of their previous albums, San Francisco-based Tycho have proven to be visionary explorers into sonic realms through their synth-based instrumental output. Now they have announced a fifth album called Weather, which will be coming out on July 12th through NinjaTune - and features vocals for the first time ever.

The first of these vocal-led tracks to be shared is 'Pink & Blue', which features Hannah Cottrell aka Saint Sinner taking the lead. She also wrote the words, which are actually of a quite personal nature, as she explains:

"The lines, 'Oh, pink and blue, you know I look good on you', originally stemmed from when I was romantically involved with a man and a woman simultaneously, for the first time in my life. It was a defining moment for me. I went from being a young religious kid who thought she would marry a man to a young woman who realised her love for women. 'Pink & Blue’ is a love song to no one, to everyone, and to myself. It’s a sweet reminder to all lovers to hold onto their love with open arms; to be fearless about any type of love and to be fearless about losing their love. Love is never lost.”

Tycho's relaxed but expansive sounds are the perfect backing for a revelation of this type. At once they feel like a world opening up to our singer, but there's a drama to the dynamics that emphasises the braveness of stepping into this new persona. Tycho are also adept at shifting the mood, and as we segue into the chorus they perfectly animate Cottrell's vocals to show the joy and love that they behold - and in doing so they've created their first perfect pop moment.

The video for 'Pink & Blue' was created by Chloe Corner, with Creative Direction from Tycho's Scott Hansen. It stars Saint Sinner herself - check it out below.

Tycho have a whole host of live dates coming up, including many festivals and a headline show at London's Printworks in the Autumn. Full info can be found on their website, as well as pre-orders for Weather, which comes out July 12th.