It seems that the whole of Tyler, the Creator's fanbase, mainly those in Australia, went absolutely insane for a minute on Twitter. Why? Because on Tuesday he tweeted that he'd been banned from the country, when in fact no actual decision had been made.

Coralie Alison is director of operations at Collective Shout, a women's advocacy group who petitioned the Australian government to refuse Tyler a visa because of "misogynistic hate speech against women." The petition reads:

"He is renowned for his songs advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder, genital mutilation, stuffing them into car boots, trapping them in his basement, raping their corpses and burying their bodies."

Whilst it is easy to think that anything as extreme as those examples posed in lyrics is not an actual advocation but more an expression, it is the backlash from Tyler's fans that seem to suggest that, in fact, his lyrics do have a negative impact on those who – in some extreme cases – seem to take them as gospel. What's worse is that Tyler knows that his fans will back him – an incident in Sydney in 2013 saw him publicly berating a woman who spoke out against him as his audience cheered and applauded – so by mentioning Coralie Alison in his tweet he was basically saying "please abuse this person."

Some of the typically over-the-top responses:

"I fucking hate this country with every fiber of my being."

"wow @CoralieAlison thanks for showing that women are weak & can not stand up or think or make decisions for themselves!! F youuuu"

"u make feminists look bad"

"You should campaign to have oxygen banned next in Australia."

"Talk to the women artists you know, and show them that this is what #feminism is really about. It is a dangerous hate movement."

And many, many more, including rape threats, death threats, violence, and ironically all of the things that Tyler seems to reference in his lyrics, as well as the language he uses in those lyrics. People also seemed to not understand how Twitter works, with a lot of them getting angry that Coralie retweeted many of their responses; of course, everybody knows that retweeting insults is definitely a thing, and a way to show people up for the rabid mindless masses they turn into at the drop of a hat. "She RTs her insults. Sus," said one dullard. What's sus about that? Misogyny and brainless rage is sus. Like the stuff that this guy is saying. Literally no words.

There was some sense however: