It appears that making movies, short or feature length, is now the cool thing to do in rap circles. Last month, Childish Gambino released a short film entitled Clapping For The Wrong Reasons and now Tyler The Creator is having a go at it. Details, as always, are scarce. All we have at the moment is a 60 second trailer for a film entitled Wolf, also the title of his last album so we'd be safe in assuming it'll be based around that.

The trailer features Tyler and his gang beating up a 'younger' Tyler before cutting to a release date of 201_ and an "R" rating. It looks pretty absurd, as seems to be Tyler's way who has already directed around 15 videos for himself as the rest of the OFWGKTA group. He's already had a brief foray into acting as well, appearing as an extra on Workaholics, gaining a brief cameo in The Mindy Project, and voicing numerous characters in the animated series Regular Show. We can only wait and see when 201_ actually might be as it's probably an understatement to call Tyler a bit of an enigma sometimes.

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