Last month, Tyler, the Creator jumped the gun a little bit and accused Coralie Alison, member of women's advocacy group Collective Shout, of getting him banned from Australia (or rather, petitioning to Australia's government to refuse Tyler a visa for entry). This was down to his so-called misogynistic lyrics, which are in all fairness bound to upset some sections of society.

It turned out he had actually not been refused a visa yet, nor "banned" from the country, yet he still felt the need to mention Coralie in an angry tweet, prompting many of his fans – and other crevice-dwelling trolls who thought it'd be funny to act really serious about wanting to kill and rape Coralie Alison but in all actuality not really wanting to do those things – to prove themselves to be quite nasty.

The tweet in question:

Now in a turn of stupid irony, Tyler has cancelled his own tour, effectively banning himself from Australia. The lyrics and imagery of Tyler and Odd Future have been controversial from the start, having been accused of many things, including devil worship, yet now he feels he cannot stand up to real life controversy; when the controversy isn't just freakin' out the squares by making things seem all spooky and scary with his crew and his music, and has to do with real life people taking actual offence at his music with real, potential consequences, turns out Tyler isn't so much a fan of controversy.

"We would much rather come to Australia when it isn't surrounded in controversy," Tyler said in a statement issued by Frontier Touring (his touring company). "I love my fans there and hopefully I'll be back soon. Don't do drugs."