Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls has announced that she'll be releasing her debut album, Half Free, on 25th September via 4AD. Before any further details or tracks arrive from the forthcoming release, we have a video for freshly shared track 'Woman's Work'.

Directed, filmed and edited by Remy herself (with colour correction by Ross Turnbull), the video stars Jennifer Hazel and LuLu Hazel Turnbull in a series of juddering abstract shots, focusing on projections of third eyes on stock-still foreheads, figurines of the Virgin Mary, and close-ups of stockings. It's all soundtracked by glitteringly explosive production of Onakabazien with Remy's unnerving, lamenting vocals intensively weaving and piledriving through the glistening shards and smithereens of the track.

Earlier this year we heard 'Damn That Valley', which we now know is taken from Half Free.

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