Before what could be a breakout year, London-via-Birmingham duo EKKAH have revealed a jubilant, dance-happy new video for 'Small Talk'.

Director Toby Tomkins finds Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington performing the track in front of a neon-clad arcade venue - you know, the kind that most bars should be, rather than are - and the positive energy is infectiously captured. As the song progresses the embedded disco fusion seems to illuminate the surroundings, making it blend as if it's one passing movement.

We asked them what the song was about, and this is what they had to say: "You know when you're at that party and you really just don't care about the chit chat, just wanna hang and dance with the person that makes it fun? That's what 'Small Talk' is about!"

Watch the video below, grab the band's 2014 EP Last Chance To Dance today, and look out for more material from the duo soon.