It happened long ago in the US, but finally the elusive one million sales of vinyl is coming to the UK. Hey, does that mean vinyl as a whole is going platinum? That reminds me of something else that happened today, oh yeah, that no album has "gone platinum" in 2014 (yet). Boo-hoo.

2013 saw yet another rise in sales, to 780,674 (almost doubling 2012's 389,000) and we've already surpassed that this year, leading speculators to speculate that we will speculatively reach one million by the end of 2014. Well, actually, in a few weeks.

This is part of the ongoing vinyl revival, a renewed interest in physical side of music releases, possibly a reaction to today's highly digital landscape, and most likely helped by the novelty of vinyl for those buying it now who didn't really grow up with it – as well as things like Record Store Day – and also those who did grow up with it (my dad, and dads across the land) saying that vinyl is the best quality you can get, etc. etc.

(Vinyl records are big and weird and scary and I don't have a record player but I kinda want one just to see the record spin round and round and round.)