But he should have more self-confidence – it's REALLY GOOD! So yeah, it's a song from a producer and self-confessed "disco apologist with terrible hair", Amherst. WE SALUTE YOU!

Wow. It's been a very long time in the making. Melbourne-originating electronic outfit The Avalanches released their first and only full-length album to date, Since I Left You, in 2000. Many years later, last year in fact, Modular Recordings said of The Avalanches rumoured new release, "Album sounds awesome, but there's no dates or anything planned. The official line is 'stay tuned.'"

So here we are, staying tuned.

But a new song, we're assuming from the new album, 'Another World' was allegedly premiered on RAW FM over in Australia. Hmm. This comes from the folk over at 4chan so… you never can be too sure. What is for sure, however, is the greatness of the song. It's a shimmering glitterball of soft-focus '70s disco, complete with funksome slap-bassline and timeless string siren-songs, with a baritone vocal at the end rumoured to be that of Ariel Pink. Who knows for sure?

The description of the song reads:

It was debuted on 87.6 RAW fm in Australia. Someone was able to record a copy of it and now it's here. Thanks Sunny from /mu/.

Real or no real, it's a tune.

And in the spirit of… nah, not in the spirit of anything; 'Another World' seems to be (but might not be) named after Another World, an amazing (but ultra difficult) game from yesteryear.