If graduating from Brit School or becoming a buzz-band off the back of one track are the most typical starts for up-and-coming artists, then Valentina's modest beginnings might help to redress the balance. "I used to sing in this group in Salisbury at the Working Men's Club when I was 13". She sighs audibly. "It was really fun at the time, of course. It's not the most glamorous way to start but that is basically is how I started and I think it was a really important process to go through actually."

Born in Italy to a musician father and a mother who was a dancer, she moved with her mother to the UK at an early age. After the glory days in Salisbury came Weights, her début EP, which was released back in 2011 to a well-received yet modestly sized audience. The other release she featured on that year by comparison was a much bigger beast.

'Gabriel', the intoxicating and seemingly ubiquitous Joe Goddard track, gave Valentina her first foray in to the public consciousness. It started life as a slow a capella track written over 5 years ago. "It was kind of an effortless song to write. So I wrote it and forgot about it." She laughs unabashed, one of several outbursts throughout our conversation, as though in complete disbelief of her actions.

Thankfully the track did end up in the hands of the Hot Chip mastermind, whom with Valentina's manager co-runs the Greco-Roman label, which she now calls home. "Joe was like 'I want to make it in to a house record' or something. I can remember him sending me the first version and I was like 'cool, yer, whatever' (laughs). I hadn't released that much, but it was probably the thing I had put the least amount of thought in to apart from the initial writing of the song, which was actually not difficult, not laboured." 

1.5 million youtube views later and then a spot touring as a backing singer for Kindness last year, she is now set to release her latest EP Wolves, which is far removed from the club orientations of 'Gabriel'. She enthuses about the progression of this release from her previous output. "I definitely think it kind of feels like now is the start of something rather than the previous EP or whatever... It's one of those things that doesn't happen very often but it ended up how I wanted to sound, how I imagined it sounding."

Electronic sounds and traditional instruments intertwine to make a musical wilderness, rich but not overcomplicated, with the spirit of Kate Bush flowing in between the ether. As for her voice, she's more restrained than what we heard on 'Gabriel', preferring to use a deceptively light fragile tone, particularly on the EP's title track, produced by Kwes. Instead of letting rip with somersaulting vocal gymnastics, we're treated to the results of an artist focused on experimenting with sounds and moods. "I was really excited about creating something more electronic than I had done before." She voluntarily admits that she was quite naive to this kind of music but "I think in a way that was what was quite fun for me because it was a juxtaposition of two types of sounds and seeing if that works." The final product beautifully unravels somewhere between the aforementioned Bush, the lighter moments of Postal Service and the Björk Vespertine album.

She speaks highly of Kwes, who's previous production duties include early recordings for The xx as well as Micachu and Ghostpoet. When in the studio a good artistic relationship sprang into motion. "(We'd try to) make sounds out of the mood rather than going 'Ooh I like this song, lets try and make sounds like this song'. Kwes was really great at that. You can talk about music to him on an abstract level." Collaborations seemed to have been a recurring theme in her output and she confesses to being a serial collaborator. "I am a fan of collaborating in general really. There is a lot of people of my EP for a start which I didn't really intend but I think the end result is really interesting. Its all people I've worked with before or just who I trust musically". And how do they come about? "Just people knowing people... I dunno, everyone knows everyone in music (laughs)."

Not content with being a serial collaborator, Valentina also keeps a busy work schedule. I begin our conversation with a polite icebreaker question of how her day had been and straight away she divulges that she has been busy working on a new side project with her boyfriend. "I know! That sounds really bad! I'm also mainly concentrating on writing an album now. Although, you often feel by the time you get music out you're slightly kinda over it, y'know? Which also sounds quite bad. But whenever I really feel like writing, I just try and grab that."

She's already written a handful of songs for the record but she is cautious about its completion. "If I think about those songs its almost like it's not that far away but then, like anything, I always begin and think 'yer its not that far away' but probably in a years time, because I'm a massive indecisive perfectionist, which is even worse, it will probably take an awfully long time (laughs). No, no, hopefully it won't. I'm hoping, more than anything, that we can keep the flow of it going. I don't really care if it gets done in 2 months or 6 months, just of as long as there is a flow of energy to it that doesn't feel drawn out."

The plans for the immediate future involve the EP launch on the 2nd May at The Lexington as well as more shows and a few festivals slots. I ask about one song in her live show which, in absentia of lyrics, Valentina's resorted to making them up on the spot – a risky strategy with some surprising results. "I end up saying really odd things. I came off stage the other day and my manager said you me: 'You definitely said omelette during that rendition'. I think I also said 'arse'. Omelette arse. I think I just need to pin it down." She jokes that perhaps a twitter competition to complete the song may be in order which, if your tempted, can be sent here. Given the surprisingly odd turns in her short career already, I wouldn't be surprised if she did use them. It's best not to second guess what Valentina does next as, like all exciting artists, anything is possible.

Valentina's EP launch takes place 2nd May at the Lexington, London. Head over to her Facebook page for more details.