Dunno about wherever you are in the world but in the UK right now we're experiencing some unseasonal hot weather. It's like we warp-piped straight from the start of spring to summer, fast-forwarding the year so that we land blissfully in this heatwave. Dare I call it that? It's pretty hot.

Anyway, to soundtrack this beautiful weather here's our Track of the Day. Vista Kid Cruiser and Aloe Island Posse (both of these names are pure gold – they sound like summoners of summer) teamed up to create the incroyable 'Mainland': a future funk jam sampling 'Tokyo Melody' by Shoody.

What can you expect other than pan pipe-flavoured synths, funk guitars, an upbeat horn section, and a general sense of unbridled, bustling, virtuosic fun? Expect to have this in your head for the next hour or longer. Imagine driving around to this on a Caribbean island… well, actually, it's all a visage of idealism, so nothing you could do in real life would live up to the tropico-dreams present in this song.