Welcome to Day Two of our Greco-Roman takeover week.

Their infectious salubrious dancefloor-friendly seed is spreading into every feature corner, with today's piece featuring legendary house producer Boris Dlugosch. Born and raised in the liberal port city of Hamburg (one of the finest cities in Germany don't you know), Dlugosch has been active on the scene since the early 90s and is still going strong today - with a strong 80s/disco aesthetic prevalent in his work. This is certainly evident in the recommendations he gave to us for this Under The Influence feature - a joyous, in-depth masterclass that takes us meticulously through his music upbringing, a very unique Hamburg spirit, all spread across a range of genres. Thank you Boris...

Recently he teamed up with Joe Goddard for 'Step Together', taken from Joe's Taking Over EP, and thus the track features on Greco-Roman's very first compilation album - We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance In The Dark - that is out now.

On early influences:

I guess I'm a real 80s kid. I was listening to music before but that was mainly by accident through my older sister’s record collection; Glam Rock, The Beatles and eventually some David Bowie or Pink Floyd. But what really got me as a teenager was Electronic Music. Most of it was British, too.

One of the first records I remember buying was this compilation by German youth magazine BRAVO, called Bravo Breakdance Sensation from 1984 featuring some really nice funky Breakdance stuff. I was really into breakdancing back then. Ministry's 'Work For Love' was my absolute favourite!

Ministry - 'Work for Love' (1982)

Around the same time as this was released, Roller Skating was really big in our clique. We went to the indoor rink at least twice a week, where I also heard somebody mixing two records for the first time ever. When only the pros were allowed in the rink, this very prominent and special record was played to make everyone else leave for 15 minutes.

Human League - 'Being Boiled'

When I started to go out to clubs and Bars the New Wave was still very prominent in Hamburg. Bright Bars with Neon Lighting, people with strange haircuts, men wearing makeup and music like 'No G.D.M.' BY Gina X. The intro sound stuck in my head so badly I was driven to tears when re-discovering it years later after I switched on my then secondhand bought Oberheim Matrix 1000.

GINA X - No G.D.M.

When I was about 16 I went to the (then) best club in Hamburg called the Front where I would start to work as a DJ only about a year later.

The Front was just unbelievable; a dark, low basement of a warehouse with an (at least in my memory) enormous soundsystem. The Dj (Klaus Stockhausen) played an incredible mix of music I had never heard before. The first night I went he played a medley of "Los Ninos", HUMAN LEAGUE's "Don't you want me" (only that shout) and Harlequin Four's "Set it Off". I never wanted to leave... ever!

Harlequin Four's - 'Set it Off'

Well there' s always so many more records and if you'd ask me again tomorrow I might give you five different ones. One that maybe got me ready to listen and understand Rap / HipHop was this because it still was electro.

Newcleus - 'Jam on it'

More influential stuff.... as important as the previous ones.

Junior Byron - 'Dance to the Music' (1983)

Torch Song - 'Prepare to Energize' (1983)

Gary's Gang - 'Music' (1983)

Telex - 'Moscow Discow' (1979)