With their fifth studio album Hold My Home out in the UK on March 9th, we decided to catch up Cold War Kids to find out what makes them tick. The result is a combination of '70s and '80s Stones, Funk master James Brown, and even Miley Cyrus. Read on below.

The Rolling Stones - 'Fingerprint File': We always listened to early Stones and the older we get, the further into their late '70s early '80s catalogue we go. Tattoo You, Black and Blue, Emotional Rescue. If we could only perform one style of music it would be this groovy disco boogie rock. This song captures the times so well.

Stevie Wonder - 'They Won't Go When I Go': This song is about as epic as it gets. Spiritual, condemning, angry, emotional. And the tones, forget about it. Stevie was using all the newest instruments around at the time, and it is timeless.

Miley Cyrus - 'Adore You': This song is modern and soulful and beautiful. I tried to resist it for a while. Then I gave in and it felt really good.

Flesh Eaters - 'Digging My Grave': I got really inspired by this LA '80s punk record and got to go see them when they reformed and played the Echo. The sax and marimba really think outside the box.

James Brown - 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World': So much soul and simplicity. As a singer, nothing can be more powerful and emotive.