We caught up with Darwin Deez to discuss the music that influenced his latest work, Songs For Imaginative People, which was released last week.

Ashley Parker Angel, Soundtrack to your Life

This is an under the radar pop album produced in part by Dr Luke and the Matrix that I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of over the years. I find myself disarmed by the patently uncool circumstances surrounding the creation of pop music of this echelon. In deliberate contrast to the homogeneousness of my debut, I took an eclectic approach to producing 'Songs for Imaginative People', and I often thought of the obvious and intentional diversity ashley employed in producing the songs on this album of his, i.e., I could tell exactly which bands he was copying at time and that was fun because it was encoded at a fairly deep level.

The Weepies, Say I Am You

A classic album in my book, full of articulate, image-laden lyrics and songs that show heart through their unique and specific sentiments. We covered 'nobody knows me at all' as part of our encore in one of our previous tours.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magic

You can hear the riffage influence on track 5 of my new album. We listened to it a lot on tour in the UK because we grew up with it and got inspired by Scar Tissue (Anthony's autobiography) to take a trip down memory lane. Hard to put that book down and the hard funk is fun to give in to.

Yo, True, Achiever

We met Ben at one of our first shows in london and he tour managed for us and did our merch in Europe and we became friends. He also makes excellent intricate, dense, modern yacht rock. I sampled some drum sounds from this album.

Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak

This band is huge fun and the impetus behind my recent strong desire to become a master guitar shredder after 17 years of chords and dabbling. All the guitar solos on my new record are ben's fault for turning me on to this band. Fun fact ben's parents used to sell shirts for Thin Lizzy and elton john and that's how they met each other. Ben's own new merch company is called the tour jacket company. Circle of life.