To celebrate the release of Doldrums' new album The Air Conditioned Nightmare, which is out this week via Sub Pop, we asked Airick Woodhead to guide us through some of the influences at play.

Chemical Brothers - Surrender

I've been listening to this for ages but didn't consider it an influence at all. Then one day I woke up and was like, 'whoa, my band sounds like Chemical Brothers!' Making an electronic album that sounds big and live and outdoors has never been done better.

Blawan - Bohla EP

I kept going back to this record to reference my mixes. Rough, tough and raw. Techno you can mosh to. He is the new prince of the cub in my opinion.

Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself

It's the hardest, fastest, angriest music I regularly listen to. Weirdly enough I tend to listen to this most when I'm sweeping up or doing the dishes or something. Everyone influenced by Cyber Punk has got to give Alec Empire some kudos.

Happy Mondays - Pills Thrills and Bellyaches

I'm choosing this record because it's the best one but really I could put any white boy swaggy swing beat live band that was inspired by acid house in the early '90s. You start raving and all of a sudden there started being these big kick drums in your music. It's a parallel situation.

Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer

One of my favorite records from Montreal's Arbutus label. Its minimal beats and emotional intensity totally exemplify the sound that many other records from this city tap into.

Doldrums play the following dates next month:

  • May 20 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
  • May 21 - Dublin, IE - Hidden Agenda @ Whelans
  • May 22 - Bristol, UK - The Louisiana
  • May 23 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
  • May 24 - Glasgow, UK - Stereo
  • May 26 - Brighton, UK - The Hope