Float through the ether of modern R&B and an obvious wave of influence washes over. Michael Jackson, as always, is a pre-eminent fixture of the genre. Funk impresario Prince remains an untouchable king, raging as an iconic figure even as he enters his late '50s. Even as modernist takes tweak the familiar approach, the icons remain there, hanging like kingly portraits over the studios where musicians like London native Dornik manifest.

While Frank Ocean and Miguel mark their territory stateside, Dornik prodigiously claims his worthiness to the conversation, combining his rousing influences into lush modern projects. And on the heels of his debut album, we've invited him to discuss his direct influences as part of The 405's ongoing 'Under The Influence' series.

Dornik's self-titled debut album is out August 7th via PMR Records / Island Records.

Marvin Gaye - 'I Want You'

I love the way this song was written and the vocal performance. The harmonies are incredible and the musicianship is perfect. This song is perfection for me.

Sting - 'Seven Days'

Again I love the way that this song was written. The melody and musicianship is just perfect. I also love that this song is in a 5/8 time signature, but you wouldn't even notice as it's so easy to sing along to. This is a skill that is very hard to achieve, he is a genius.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 'Crazy Baldhead'

From the very start this song grabs me! The dynamics and clarity of the drum fill played by Carlton Barrett is just insane! Bob Marley's tone is incredible. Reggae music is a very detailed genre and many people think it's simple, but it's really not. There's a certain pocket that needs to be injected when playing reggae music. Bob Marley & The Wailers were pioneers.

Prince - 'I Would Die For You'

I love this song! The production, sonics, vocal performance and overall mix is amazing. Prince's harmonies and vocal delivery on this song is just crazy! I love it! Such a beautiful song. Makes me wanna go for a night time drive on the motorway whenever I hear it.

Michael Jackson - 'Human Nature'

This is such a beautiful song. Everything about it I love! Michael's vocal performance, melody, the production, overall mix, everything! This song is just perfect. Such an inspiration to me. He is the king!

James Brown - 'Payback'

This track is so funky it hurts!! It really does something to me which I can't explain. I love it! It's almost like he is rapping on this song too. He is just something else! He wasn't called the godfather of soul for no reason. Absolute legend.

N.E.R.D - 'Bobby James'

I love the feel and vibe of this song. I used to play this on my iPod all the time on my way to college. I love the chord progressions and melody in the chorus. NERD were so cool! Love it! Nothing but respect for them.

Q-tip - 'Breath and Stop'

The production by J Dilla on this track is out of this world! He was blessed with such a unique skill! His groove and feel is like no other. He changed the way I played drums forever and opened up a whole new world for me. Q-tip is one of my favourite rappers/producers and I have the ultimate respect for him. He is one of a kind! He is a legend.

Janet Jackson - 'The Pleasure Principle'

I love Janet! She is incredible. I love everything about this song. This song just makes you wanna dance. It's really hard not to move to this! She is blessed with pure talent. I'd love to work with her one day! I'll be praying!

D'Angelo - 'Africa'

If I was only allowed to listen to one more song for the rest of my life, it would be this song. This song for me is just perfect. The groove, arrangement, chord progressions, melody, vocal performance, everything! D'Angelo is one of a kind! A big inspiration to me!