Footprintz are the Montreal-based duo of Adam Hunter & Clarian North, who posses a rather handy habit of producing some fine slices of suave, chilled electro-pop.

For our latest Under The Influence feature (which kids everywhere are already referring to as UTI), we asked the chaps to tell us of five cultural pieces that have helped shape their sound. A single, 'Dangers of the Mouth', is out now via Visionquest, and an LP is due in early 2013.

Screamadelica - Primal Scream (1991) Creations

This record is just too cool. From being a quintessential acid house album to an alternative-rock and gospel influenced gem, it knows no boundaries of magic. Next time it's 5am and you want to dip your mind into the stars try this one.

Soul Mining - The The (1981) Epic

If all the libraries and records of the past were destroyed and you asked us to choose only one thing to recall from the 80s this is it. Of course, it's never an easy choice, but if you have to then, make it giant.

The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett (1970) Harvest, Capitol

Before we started the group we used to drink absinthe on the weekends while singing covers of Syd Barrett in abandoned downtown basements for strangers and milk. We toyed with naming our first entitled EP - Utopia, Dark Globe but our guild masters were too afraid the reference would be lost and come off too "nerdy techno".

Tiga - Sexor (2006) Play It Again Sam, Different

Synth Pop never knew a hotter hour. A local hero, and this album has reportedly teleported many lost souls back in time to the likes of early Soft Cell shows. So, if you check it out don't be surprised if you find yourself in a neon den dressed like a soldier from the Revolutionary War.

Leonard Cohen - The Favourite Game 1963

Another local legend. You might be disappointed if you try to put this on your record player and the needle breaks because it's a book and all. Still, there's no denying how much we breathe his work to the point that our upcoming single is named in respect to one our of favourite writers.