For our latest Under The Influence piece we turned to the ambient whizzkid James Berkley, aka King Dinosaur, who selected five tracks/albums that have been of importance to his musical development.

The Brighton-based producer has a penchant for crafting glitch-laden electronica and smooth vocals, citing James Blake and Aphex Twin as a more direct influence - but what else? Read on to find out.

Listen to 'The Night' above, with an EP of the same name due for release on 23rd September via Artillery Recordings.

The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

I remember spending hours while driving, singing along to this album and trying to push my vocals to reach as high as Cedric's. Not only has this band inspired me not to give up on my voice but also from them I've gained an understanding of arrangement - the way in which each instrument can play in different time signatures and different rhythms but put together it fits perfectly and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. They're one of those bands that have developed such a unique and discernible sound, that they are completely timeless.

Fall Of Troy - Doppelganger

Fall Of Troy have been particularly significant to me because they taught me to think outside the box. The complexity of each component, while maintaining a vibrant flow, captured my imagination and made me realise the endless possibilities of music as a whole. I was so inspired by Tom Erak, who not only wrote most of the songs but performed the clean vocals, the screams, keyboard and multiple guitar parts (he looped guitar live). This taught me that perseverance can drive people to do things beyond what they think they are capable of doing.

Bonobo - Animal Magic

For the last few years of my life, Bonobo have been the band that I would predominantly turn to in any given situation. The nature of its composition meant that I could listen to it while going to sleep, or when I was about to go out, and everything in between. I first heard the track 'Recurring' and straight away I was captivated by it. There was something about the simplicity and purity of the opening section that caught my attention. As I delved deeper into everything Bonobo has to offer, my appreciation of him only grew. This band has probably been the most significant influence to my music.

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

If there was just one song that I could listen to for the rest of my life, I think this would be it. Similarly to how the sound of a clock ticking fades into the background when you're used to it, this song is gentle enough not to be the focus. However, if it is focused on, you can get completely lost within its infinite beauty and perfectly crafted aesthetics. I'm amazed by the fact that it was written nearly 30 years ago and this has motivated me to explore unknown territories, striving for a sound both timeless yet familiar.

Alby Daniels - This Dawn

From the age of 13 till 20, my aim in life was to be the vocalist in some initiative, groundbreaking post-hardcore/math band. I dabbled in production and mixing in the last 3 years but I had no drive to progress far with it. I've been mates with Alby since we've been in Brighton and every time I'd see him he'd be talking about all the shit with his music and it got me a bit more focused on production. Then just over a year ago, I bumped into him in town and we ended up having a bit of a mad one and made this beat. He's such a dynamic and creative person, working with him gave me a new found ambition to push my own music to the point it's at now. I owe a lot to him.