It's always interesting getting to know an artist on this level. It's all well and good discussing a band or artist's own music, but getting to know who they are on a musical level - what shaped their tastes, made them want to start writing music and inspired them whilst doing so - sometimes offers some fascinating insight, and that's exactly what we got from rising star Nina Nesbitt.

She released her Way in the World EP a few weeks ago, and her version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop' was used in the new John Lewis ad. Not bad, right? We caught up with her for the next instalment in our Under the Influence series to find out what makes her tick.


Arctic Monkeys - 'From The Ritz To The Rubble': I like the social commentary of a night out - it inspired me to write 'Stay Out'. I like the fast paced lyrics and the way they're put together. This song reminds me of being about 16 and discovering good music.

Blondie - 'Call Me': I like how Debbie [Harry] uses her vocals on the chorus of 'Call Me', the kind of shouty style. She's a great performer and she's very expressive. The band have really interesting sounds in the song, kind of mixing rock with disco electronic noises which is cool. I only got in to Blondie when my neighbour left one of their CDs at my house for ages and I decided to give it a listen.

Kings of Leon - 'Use Somebody': I love how their choruses really pop out on their more recent stuff. The singer's tone of voice is really gravelly and cool. They've inspired one of my songs on the album particularly with the guitar tone and chorus mix. I'd love to go and see them play live.

Fleetwood Mac - 'Go Your Own Way' or 'Everywhere' are my favourite songs from them. Love the use of harmonies in their songs. Even though they're not from my decade, I can relate to a lot of their songs because they sing about relationships etc.

Florence and the Machine - 'No Light, No Light': Love the big production and slightly alternative feel. She seems to write in quite an unconventional way as I heard she started one of her songs from BVs [backing vocals]. I find this interesting as I often write my songs in alternative kind of ways. Sometimes a capella and then add instruments afterwords or sometimes they begin as just words. She doesn't really have any boundaries with her music which I think is cool.

The Rolling Stones - 'Brown Sugar': Their music has inspired a few of my recent songs. I love their guitar lead hooks and live vibe on the recordings; that inspired me to not worry to much about playing to a click and getting everything perfect and instead just feeling it and having a jam out with my band. It's proven a lot of fun!

Ben Howard - 'Black Flies': I love the dark vibe of the song and how it builds up slowly throughout to reach a climax. The beginning guitar riff is simple yet really atmospheric and then it builds up to complicated guitar parts and shows off his playing. I'd love to play like Ben Howard on the guitar.

Eva Cassidy - 'Songbird': She first inspired me to play acoustic music with a guitar from a young age. You can hear the influence in a lot of my early music when it was more 'folk' sounding. I love the simplicity of her music and how it's very delicate. I listened to her from the age of about 7 and used to sing along with her CD.

Alanis Morissette - 'Ironic': I love this song. She uses a lot of metaphors in this song which I also try and use in mine. She's brutally honest in it and it's filled with emotion and some controversy at the time was released. I think it's a song that is true and has come straight from her.

James Morrison - I love his tone of voice. I've liked him since I was really young, I think his songs appeal to anybody no matter what age they are and are often quite sad relationship songs, which I quite like.