Following the stunning 'Polyethers' last Autumn, Py returns with a breathtaking piece called 'Swimming Slow', which is due out on March 10th via MTDL_RCRDS.

She'll be presenting it live at London's White Heat tomorrow (March 4th), so what better time to talk about musical influences? The result is an eclectic playlist featuring PJ Harvey, The Beach Boys, and even The Supremes - all very well mixed-and-matched to fit Py's unique approach to music.

Bob Dylan - 'Tangled Up In Blue'

I grew up listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, he saw me through some of my toughest times. He was a real inspiration lyrically, his poetry, all his metaphors. It was his music and his messages that made me start to write my own words.

Four Tet - 'Hands'

Four Tet opened my eyes to field recordings. This album helped me understand that I wanted to use programmed music alongside analogue sounds within my music. The same for Prefuse 73 and all the vocal edits in vocal studies and Uprock narratives.

Goldfrapp - 'Lovely Head'

Goldfrapp's first album Felt Mountain was the music to my life for a good few years. It is still one of my favourites. When I listen to it I feel completely absorbed and moved to a different place. I love her voice and all of the production and instrumentation in this album is beautiful. It is so bittersweet, perhaps because it reminds me of some very difficult times growing up.

PJ Harvey - 'On Battleship Hill'

I love PJ Harvey, I think she might be the coolest woman on earth. I really respect the fact that she makes the music she feels like making at that time. Every album she has created has given me a big boost to create more music myself. My favourite track from her last album still has the power to bring me to the happiest/saddest tears all at the same time, and that is 'On Battleship Hill'. I was always really drawn to the darkness and theatre in her lyrics and videos, especially in 'Rid of Me'.

The Supremes - 'You Keep Me Hangin' On'

This song sums up what a lot of love feels like. All the vocals are soaked in gorgeousness, beautiful harmonies, they look so glamorous, but the subject matter in always quite dark in contrast. It draws you into its beautiful setting but it's actually sad, melancholic.

Lauryn Hill ft. MJB - 'I Used To Love Him'

I won this album in a singing competition at school, it was the best prize I could have got. I still look to this album for inspiration and I am in awe. All the harmonies, the genre bending, the layers of voice, and how she in interjects all her countermelodies. The drums are heavy and the songs are flawless.

Portishead - 'Wandering Star'

Portishead are a huge influence for me. I remember the first time a boyfriend at the time played me their music I was overwhelmed by how much I loved the sound. It was so dark and powerful whilst staying delicate and heartfelt. I never get over Beth's voice. She really reminds me of Billie Holiday in her tone, and Billie is my biggest inspiration, vocally. It's so authentic and truthful, you can feel every bit of her when she sings. Geoff Barrows is an incredible producer, I would love to work with him. Again, it's the contrast of her broken and gentle voice against the bass, the production, the moody lyrics, the strings and gospel sounding organs.

The Beach Boys - 'Their Hearts Were Full of Spring'

The harmonies, and tone of their voices has always been a huge influence. I love vocals stacked high like an army of voice.

John Cage - 'Aria'

I sang this when I was a school, I connected with the score and the concept of this work. The score is made up of lines and colours, representing different voices. Every time the 'Aria' is performed it will be personal to that individual. I often see music when I am writing in colours and shapes so performing this resonated with me. It also reminds me of the strange impulsive noises that seem to burst out of me when I am least expecting them to... a kind of singers Tourette's I guess!