Aussie four-piece, San Cisco are an infectious racket of buoyant pop, male/female shared vocals with a sound that is righteously indie. And rightly so. Current track 'Wild Things' is a thing of pure, unadulterated fun for the ears. The band share their influential sounds with The 405.

San Cisco's track 'Wild Things' is out now.

Friends - Manifest

I think this record had a vibe we'd never really heard before. I was immediately impressed because you don't hear slap bass much in modern music anymore, not that we could ever pull it of like in 'I'm His Girl'. There's a real presence to the band, live and in the studio. Samantha Urbani is amazing and seeing how well she does her thing had Scarlett really inspired.

The Black Keys - Brothers

We seemed to, quite often, rock up to the studio with a song less than half cooked, or at a point where it just needed a small tweak to get it over the line. Often something a little different to what we'd normally do. We would be pushing forward trying to create a strange concoction of synthesised fusion and sometimes that worked and other times it would reach a painful, frustrating stalemate. Brothers has inspiring traits that influenced us, quite often at that point where you just need something small, small but usually a crucial centrepiece to a song. Something as simple as singing in falsetto.

Little Dragon - Machine Dreams

Josh and I first saw Little Dragon when they came to Perth supporting Gorillaz. We were both impressed with the way they reproduced the record live using interesting thing like midi bass. Their music is really intricate it makes you try to find new and interesting sounds and grooves when you would usually settle for something less unique.

Metronomy - The English Riviera

The epitome of cool. The English Riviera feels like a concept album with a theme, plot and setting. There is clever use of conventional instruments and so much clever production that every part of each song feels like it's in the perfect space. Also, another really awesome female vocalist, we all really loved the doubling effect Metronomy use on Anna Prior's voice.

The Strokes - Angels

Angles came out just around the time we were doing pre-production stuff. There's some interesting stories behind the album but we just liked the songs. The really tight and relatively polished sound was unlike their previous albums and appealed to all of us. I think you could argue that some of the riffy guitar work is strokes influenced.