Sapphire Slows' incredible talent was recently captured via Dazed Digital x AllSaints' New Music Cities: Tokyo documentary (watch below), so to celebrate its release we caught up with Sapphire to talk influences, 2013's Allegoria and her already brilliant, but ever-promising career.

You've been making music since 2011 - how do you feel your attitude towards it has changed/evolved since then?

I don't think my basic style and attitude have changed but I can say they have definitely evolved with time and new experiences. Seeing from a more personal aspect, for these recent years my personality is not really changing, but my life around me is always completely changing and I think it has influenced my music. And seeing from a more technical aspect, when I just started making music I didn't have any knowledge or skills to record music, but now I'm gradually getting used to doing it and I'm always enjoying trying new things. Anyway, I'm still making music in my 20 square meters room with second hand cheap gear so my style won't change unless I get a new fancy music studio or something like that.

Given that Sapphire Slows is a solo project, would you enjoy collaborating with other musicians/producers? If so, which?

I never had other producers in my solo stuff. Lyrics, music, recording, mixing, performing are all done by myself. But I'm always happy to have some great artists and an engineer for artwork, photography, video and mastering, etc. About my latest album Allegoria, I did many great collaborations with LA based designer/artist Natasha Ghosn for its jacket, sensible engineer Andrew Veres for the mastering, Japanese model/photographer Sen for new press photos, and regarding music awesome Philippines based Eyedress did a remix for my song. Those are all awesome. These days just to meet many new people who are involved in the music scene is easier, especially on the internet, but to meet people who could share the same thoughts or passion or whatever in the right time and place is much, much harder. So I'm lucky and appreciate when I can meet great people.

Do you prefer the process of creating or the process of performing?

I prefer the process of creating, ever since I started making music. 3 years ago while creating music in my small room I never even imagined to perform music because I didn't (and I think I still don't) have any skills to play instruments or sing like a diva. But after I started performing in 2012 and after having many shows since then I noticed that it's not necessary to care about what people want to see at my live show. I was sort of bored after I played same songs again and again while touring so I want to try new things for performing, same as creating. I was thinking the performing process should always come after the creating process but it wasn't always right. Sometimes I get new inspirations while I'm playing. So for now what I like to do is express many things while I perform.

Have your musical influences changed since you first started making music?

My musical influences always come from adorable underground music, mostly new and some old. For me, music is like a friendship or relationship that gives me many different inspirations and feelings, and these sometimes let me cry, not just smile. I can say I don't like "polite" music at all, fashionable polite indie rock or clever clean electronic music. I need complicated emotions, enough energy and power to move both mentally and physically.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from music? If so, what?

I like cooking, tasting whiskies, playing with animals, reading books, traveling onsen (Japanese hot springs).


Under The Influence Playlist:

"I made my influence playlist in 2013 - what I listened to a lot over the last year and all still my favourite. Sometimes people ask me about musically influence and background in my life but there's no "all time best" or "episode when I'm younger" because I'm in early twenties and still too young and immature to narrate such things…Of course I have many favourites in the past (especially late '80s to early '90s) but I wanna believe NOW is better!"

Mind Slums - 'Old Dreams Are Keeping Me (Bookworm)'

Dracula Lewis - 'Permafrost'

Starting with a threatening intro, this song immediately pull us into its haunted deep frozen underground. I can say this mentally poisonous (and addictive) music is not just nightmarish darkwave - it's unique and musically excellent. I don't know how to describe but I feel the 'new generation street spiritual gang (haha…)' style from his music.

Luke Wyatt - 'Bertone Stratos'

He is too good to say something…F irst I have to say maybe I'm a bit too enthusiastic about him. This song is from the LP Teen Hawk on Emotional Response label that is definitely one of his best works. Last year another LP under the name Torn Hawk was also pretty good, but this LP under his real name is beyond description. My favourite effects appear successively - reverb, delay, high resonance and arpeggio - all the layers of sound make me ecstatic. Maybe the name 'Luke Wyatt' is known as a video artist more than for his music, but you should definitely experience both. I had to say this because I think his work has a kind of synesthesia - like when you hear his sounds you can also feel the sense of sight and touch. Maybe just I feel like that?

‪Vår‬ - 'The World Fell'

I listened to this song a lot last year (and even now) especially when I wanted to inspire and encourage my mind. They are really cool and fascinating, not only as a group but also as individuals, so I'm always excited and interested in what they are doing and what they will do next.

Inga Copeland - 'A&E'

Inga is one of my most favourite female artists in the world right now. The song on the B-side of her second solo 12" Don't Look Back, That's Not Where You're Going. 'A&E' has nice percussion, a nice bass line, nice synths and nice vocals… yeah sounds perfect. I like all her solo (and sometimes collaborative) 12"'s but this song (and this 12") is still my special favourite. I like A2 'Speak' on the 12" as well. Her voice is always innocent, sort of languid, mysterious and just fascinating.

Coyote Clean Up - 'Awesome Luv'

For me this is today's best pop house song. It reminds me of Saint Etienne in 'Foxbase Alpha'. Its construction is great - an essential element of delicate sadness and above all, it's very addictive and killer. I listened to this song a lot last year.

Laurel Halo - 'Sunlight On The Faded'

I played this song in my DJ sets many times last year - always in 33rpm. I mean in a screw speed. Of course I like the original speed of the song but somehow I really like the slow 'Sunlight On The Faded' as I can hear more detailed sound creation by Laurel Halo on the slow speed. She is super talented.

I love this. This song is lonely and beautiful and somehow it can get me back in a calm state. Mind Slums is another project of Manila-based producer Eyedress who just released his new EP Supernatural via Abeano. I think his music has sense of both 'love' and 'loss' that not everyone could have. He is definitely a person of talent. Anyway personally I'm in sympathy with his music.