Less than a month ago Australian quartet The Icypoles released their debut album, My World Was Made For You - a fabulous indie-pop record that put the band firmly on our "artists to watch" list. We decided to catch up with them to discuss influences - which turned out to be pretty veried.


The Tornados: 'Telstar'
Joe Meek was my hero when I started making recordings at home. His home studio stories were very influential. This was back when I lived with Kim and Haima, our sound engineer. Tara was also at the house a lot. We did a heap of recordings on staircases, using hallways and bedrooms as echo chambers, playing all kinds of instruments to get interesting sounds going, inspired by Joe Meek's experiments.

Buddy Holly: 'Everyday'
This song is in a scene of the film Stand By Me. The whole soundtrack to that film is really awesome but this song in particular stands out for me. It is so beautiful for its simplicity of instrumentation and the placement in the film is just so perfect. The moment when the kids are all joyful at being free but at the part in their journey where they might soon encounter something pretty serious.

Shangri-Las: 'Train From Kansas City'
This song is so dramatic and sad but they always have such playful music and production. The Shangri-las music is quite inventive, often with clear narrative structure and sound effects, making mini-dramas out of each song.

Yo La Tengo: 'You Can Have It All'
My favourite song from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. I listened to this album a lot when I first encountered it. I love their gentle singing and playing and all the different kinds of ambience they create.


Aimee Mann: 'Save Me'
I remember seeing Magnolia at The Rivoli with Isobel and Haima and being absolutely transfixed by the sequence with this song. The words, her voice and music, and the images all work together so perfectly. I am inspired by Aimee Mann's singing style - I love how present her accent and pronunciation are.

The Bangles: 'Walk Like An Egyptian'
The Bangles have the greatest voices! I have vivid memories of loving this song as a kid, dancing around all crazy in the lounge room. When I discovered the band was made up of all women I loved it even more. I think as a child I equated "band" with "group of guys"; The Beatles and The Stones were the soundtrack of my childhood, and it was exciting as a six-year old to realise that women could do that too.


Paul Giovanni & Magnet: 'Willow's Song' (Wicker Man Soundtrack)
This whole soundtrack blows my mind. The music is such an important part of the movie. This song is atmospheric and the singing is incredibly simple and beautiful.

Ol' Dirty Bastard: 'Got Your Money'


The Beatles: 'A Hard Day's Night'
It was the early 90s and my parents were heavily into Jazz at the time. I had my first taste of rock'n'roll one sunny afternoon when mum decided to spin some of her old vinyl. The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' was the first track I heard and I've been hooked ever since.

ESG: 'Come Away'
Hearing 'Come Away' with ESG was a real turning point for me. Having been (up until then) influenced predominantly by male heavy rock'n'roll bands I was blown away when I heard Valerie Scroggins drumming. Her fills are out of control!