• - Moondog: 'Moondog' (1969) // (listen)
  • - King Diamond : 'Abigail' (1987) // (listen)
  • - Blondie: 'Blondie' (1976) // (listen)
  • - Sound of Music: 'OST' (1965)// (listen)
  • - Tortoise: 'Standards' (2001) // (listen)

Tortoise perked my interests when travelling across America, and visiting Chicago. I was introduced to Tortoise by a jazz musician he met performing in a cafe called Bang Bangs. This musician who looked kind of frail, but positive. Turned out to be John Herdon, former drummer of Tortoise. I also discovered and fell for Moondog whilst working in a restaurant in London, a breathe of fresh air that something so old could sound so new.

Both Susanne and myself have cited Sound of Music as being melodically ingrained from an early age. Susanne remembers watching this film every Christmas Eve after opening presents. The magic that surrounded Christmas at that time fitted perfectly with the magic of the story and the beautiful music in Sound of Music and this feeling has never gone away.

Growing up, Susanne's brother forced her and the whole family to listen to an old cassette of King Diamond's Abigail in the car stereo when going away. Only her brother was into metal in their family but there seems a sense that they all secretly acknowledged it as a great album, despite complaining at the time of it being played over and over again.

Then there's Blondie's debut album - which had an marked impact on Susanne, first introduced to her by a friend who had a bootleg video on them. Apparently the video was a gig Blondie did in London in 1978 at 100 Club, with only a few copies circulating. After hearing/seeing 'In The Flesh' she was completely sold and still listens to that track on repeat, true magic. We've just recorded a version of 'In The Flesh' as a bonus track for our forthcoming album, Ester.

Trailer Trash Tracys are set to release their debut album 'Ester' on January 9th 2012