Words by Matt Canham

With Underage fast approaching, and with a lot of bands that are still rising, we thought we’d do you a lovely little Spotify playlist with all our suggestions of the best acts to catch. There have also been some announcements of late, check out below for more details.

Underage // The 405 Playlist

The last lot of Underage acts were announced in the last few weeks, and here are our thoughts and a. For our full length preview, click here.

Pulled Apart by Horses

Consistently lauded as one of the best live bands currently touring in Britain, Pulled Apart By Horses will be emerging straight off of euphoric Glastonbury (where they were billed as one of the top 10 bands to see alongside Beyonce by the Metro), Sonisphere and Wakestock performances to bring their anarchic hardcore to the Underage Main Stage this August.


The idea of Goth pop is a) slightly odd and b) brilliant. The genre (is it a genre? Is it a movement? Is it some sad teens desperately trying to distinguish themselves and creating brilliant music in the process?) that has given us The Cure, The Bad Seeds and more recently The Horrors has once again come up trumps with O.Children, whose deep rumbling vocals, dark undercurrents and generous helping of 80's synth will have Victoria Park heaving (and dancing, but that is frowned upon in Goth culture where the approved way of appreciating music is nodding slightly and swaying from side to side. Or standing glumly and then smiling with polite applause when the band finishes).


If I were to describe Fixers in 4 words, those 4 words would be “indescribable in 4 words”. But that is in fact a good thing as they blend the funky disco of Talking Heads, vocal styling of Dirty Projectors and laptop-y rocky goodness of Everything Everything with the stylish Oxford twinge that has launched Foals, Trophy wife and now the sublime Fixers.

Spring Offensive

Read our live review of Spring Offensive to see why we're so very excited.

Loick Essien

With a number 2 single and collaborations with Chipmunk (eww) , N-Dubz (ewwwww) and Bashy (surprisingly not eww) under his belt, UK singer Loick Essien is coming up fast. Born in 1990, he began his musical career in 2008 with a feature on Chipmunk's “Beast” and went on with a string of collaborative singles and is now planning to release his debut “Identity” later this year. He's bound to keep the r&b fans happy as he shows them how he, ahem, rolls at Underage.