The Olympics opening ceremony was full of leftfield, surreal and general WTF moments - none more so than for your discerning music fan.

Come on, who had money on the electronic-trance-drone music of Fuck Buttons opening the biggest show in the world? 'Surf Solar' featured at the very beginning of the three hour spectacle, with the duo also somewhat aptly getting an airing of 'Olympians' later on. Well done chaps. What's more, Fuck Buttons' Ben Power got on the playlist with his side-project, Blanck Mass, who soundtracked David Beckham speeding down the Thames with the torch as he handed it to Steve Redgrave. The London Symphony Orchestra helped out with this one, the track in question 'Sundowner'.

ATP announced today that 'Olympians' will see a new limited release of different coloured collectable vinyls - one colour for each Olympic ring. Find out more about that here.

In between a towering Voldomort, giant creepy babies and the Queen, what was arguably even more surprising was an appearance by Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club during the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. 'Caliban's Dream' was created by Underworld especially for this moment, and also featured Only Men Aloud, Dockhead Choir, Elizabeth Roberts, Esme Smith and percussion by Dame Evelyn Glennie.

The track is predictably available through iTunes to purchase - where it is described as 'hauntingly beautiful music', almost making the cut for Stool Pigeon's "Achingly Beautiful" feature. It's a pretty fair description though. Kudos to Danny Boyle for a bizarre night that successfully celebrated British culture, outing the hate of a Tory MP, and some choice music selections.