The idea behind this column is to try and show up some of the recent music (of the last few years) that seems to have undeservedly slipped under the radar. I hope to try and introduce bands that people probably won’t have heard of but will love. Please give these bands a listen and try something new! Photobucket Label: Young Turks Release date: 01/03/08 Link: Myspace Free Download: Via Stereogum With his new album on the way and a free download offered from it – see top of the page- (from the wonderful Young Turks record label), I thought it necessary to introduce the wonderful El Guincho. El Guincho, the sobriquet for Spanish musician Pablo Diaz-Reixa, makes his own brand of music that is not too far removed from the likes of Panda Bear; the music is richly textured, full of beautiful minimalist loops and upbeat rhythms that evoke summer at its brightest, its most optimistic. The music is born of crate digging, or so it sounds (much like Onra’s Chinoiseries project), with layer upon layer creating a very Spanish sound to compliment the use of some very Noah Lennox vocals (especially the start of ‘Fata Morgana’). Despite the record being mostly in Spanish, this detracts nothing from the appeal of this fantastic album, which drips in summer sounds. This music is both exceptionally cleverly composed and makes you sit down and decode the layers and music that is perfect to play at a BBQ, complete with sing along parts. An amazing album, and if you do nothing else, download the free single at the top of the page and have a listen.