Uniform are in a prolific streak, having already released their collaboration with The Body, Mental Wounds Not Healing, earlier this year, and their last proper album Wake In Fright last year. However, they're gearing up to release another album called The Long Walk on Sacred Bones on August 17th.

Having already unleashed 'The Walk' from the album, today they put out 'Alone In The Dark', which pretty much sounds like a direct sequel to previous album Wake In Fright. The track takes its name and basic inspiration from the 1982 Jack Sholder film, but Michael Berdan explains that the lyrics come from a much more personal place:

"In our song, I'm referencing my personal feelings of isolation that come in the middle of the night, when I'm left with only the sensation of college level existential terror and prayers to a God who may or may not be listening, if even there at all."

This existential terror is frighteningly electrified by Uniform in 'Alone In The Dark', continuing their penchant for unforgiving hardcore with searing dynamism. The guitars hurtle forwards, like the unceasing black thoughts in Berdan's mind, to which he gives voice throughout the song, a process that sounds equally manic and cathartic. Check out 'Alone In The Dark' below.

Uniform's forthcoming album The Long Walk can be pre-ordered here ahead of its August 17th release.