Venue: Barfly, Camden - London Support Bands: Burning Codes + Ex Libras Date: 27th September 2010 London-based five-piece, Union Sound Set are one of a kind, and have really come into their own now, having finally found the right players and are at long last moving forward. Unlike some bands who need a little time to find their feet, Union Sound Set launch straight in with 'Hit To Send' - high in energy and passion in abundance. Also, unlike some bands, there's not a hint of arrogance - just pure talent and an obvious love of what they do. Their third offering for the night - 'My Current State' - really is something very special. The almost tangible energy and a power in the vocal harmonies are enough to knock you senseless. Indeed, Union Sound Set create music that not only lifts the soul heavenwards and tugs at the heartstrings, but also music that you could easily and very happily lose yourself in. The carefully crafted layers of sound - each one of them unique - are delivered so beautifully, it's impossible to resist letting it take over and to allow yourself to simply drown in it. New single 'Hiding Places' is absolutely glorious. The rhythm stabs and jolts, and again with the literally stunning vocals and melodies, as well as that unmistakeable layered quality - yet not one of them is lost or overpowered by another. 'Years, Days, Months' is a slower offering, and on the surface, far more delicate than the others. But that delicate trickle soon evolves into a deluge as once again those intense waves of sound take over and you're left stunned in mesmerised silence and awe. Simpson is a hugely talented frontman, only a fool would question it. "Some are born great... and some have greatness thrust upon them," so says William Shakespeare. Maybe, but Simpson is naturally gifted and yet, perhaps endearingly so, the man himself cannot see it, even if others can. The re-workings of the old favourites really are magnificent; it's wonderful to see just how far they've already come. If this is anything to go by, it's obvious that great things are expected for and from Union Sound Set. Toni-Michelle Spencer