Growing up I watched too many TV shows about spoilt american teenagers. Now I can't get through the day without a drama and I can't hear a band like Union Sound Set without my thoughts rolling up into some montage scene. Whatever thought is instantly provoked by the sound becomes a thousand times more meaningful as it is woven into the memories of my history. Honestly, it's a curse.

But it's not a curse that most music bloggers share with me. Ad revenue is driven by the relentless march of progress, of hyperbole and short memories, and we all want to get paid. Which means, I guess, that it is an industry wide problem. We continually look forward, forgetting that we add meaning through shared experience, with our own memories. Forgetting that being 'on trend' or 'avant garde' is not usually as powerful as being 'relatable'. That those tried and tested formats, when used well, can bring about the best rewards. We move onwards to things with inherently less value, that lack any emotional weight, just to call them new. We watch the people flock towards it, and we rub our hands together, even though we feel tired.

Enter our reluctant heroes: I saw these guys play with Mimas about a million years ago and I remember being massively impressed with their sense of restraint. It's something I'm a little obsessed with in music. How a band utilises space within dynamics to create a mood. The idea that what isn't said, that which is only eluded to, is as important as anything that you can say. Union Sound Set have a firm understanding of this. In 'Letters' they present a slowly unravelling idea that subtly develops until we create the epiphany for ourselves. It's a beautiful thing - the well crafted song. You cannot help but submit to its mode of transport, you can't help but enjoy it, and you can't help but notice another woven layer with each listen.

'Letters' is taken from the forthcoming album To The Wolves, which is out in late May, made in the band's own self built studio and released on their own label. They seem to have benefited by taking some time to make music for only themselves. After the big go-round following their debut album Start Stop, this self sufficiency has clearly been key to unlocking their potential, as the band sound more confident, urgent, and assured than ever.

We're proud to host the premiere of a song like this. From a band like this. We don't give them enough credit or love. We don't give them the time that we should. You find yourself empathising as you listen. You find yourself weaving a little of your own weight into their lyrical prompts. You find with every listen it means a little more.

'Letters' is available to download and the album To The Wolves is available from May 19th.

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