Universal Music Group are not pleased with Prince's estate. Not even a little bit. And that's why they've decided to end their $31 million dollar deal with the late icon's administration - and they want their money back.

UMG has accused former estate entertainment advisor L. Londell McMillan of "fraudulent inducement" in regards to their deal. It's obvious that something was up when Prince's catalogue kept appearing and disappearing on streaming networks. After an agreement between Prince's estate and UMG, it was promised that they would get exclusive licensing rights to his post-1996 work that was released under NPG Records, as well as any unreleased material.

But when they tried to move forward with the deal, questions began to pop up regarding whether or not the estate had misrepresented their licensing rights. (UMG were promised rights for certain albums as soon as 2018 but it turns out Warner's rights on those specific albums don't expire until 2021.)

Now, the label giant is asking the court to rescind their agreement.