Ruban Nielson has been steadily growing his Unknown Mortal Orchestra project over the course of his three albums so far; starting as a lo-fi garage rock band and quickly evolving into slick pop-rock favourites.

Today UMO returns with 'American Guilt', an explosive and confrontational track that sees Nielson back on guitar, and wielding it with full force as it ejaculates toxic riffs. Combined with Nielson's usual laid-back vocal stylings and the inimitable groove that UMO always have cooking in there somewhere, 'American Guilt' comes off as a new, thrilling sound for the project, without losing the thread of what makes them such a damn enjoyably listenable act.

Check out 'American Guilt' below.

No further information has been given about an album, but it seems extremely likely that one will be announced soon, as Unknown Mortal Orchestra have set up a huge tour from April through July, with UK tour stops including London's Roundhouse in late May. More info here.