Unknown Mortal Orchestra dropped a new track from their upcoming sophomore album, II, today. It features frontman Ruban Nielson at his most soulful, lazily crooning over a sun-fried, blissful groove that condenses summer road trips into just under four minutes. I don't imagine it was written to be enjoyed in snowfall, but its tender heart and playful, relaxed feel is certainly warming enough to be. It does, however, further anticipation for what is bound to be an album of the year. Check it out for yourself :

'So Good at Being in Trouble' is taken from II, Unknown Mortal Orchestra's second album, due out on Jagjaguwar on February 5th. Listen to first single 'Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)' here, and be sure pre-order the album before HMV implodes and voids your Christmas vouchers.