To celebrate this week's Great Escape Festival, UNKNWN have put together a pretty cool playlist featuring 10 artists they believe you'd be foolish to miss out on.

From Kelis to Douglas Dare, this is one hell of a playlist. However, it's worth mentioning that the best place to be will be at Green Door Store on Saturday 10th May for our showcase. It features the likes of Jeremiah Jae, Tomas Barfod and of course, UNKNWN. For more information, head here.

Head over to the official festival website for more information on the line-up.

Choices from Chris Hanna:

Kelis: It's Kelis. Nothing more should need to be said. We saw her at SXSW and it was just such a great party. There's nothing quite like hearing 'Milkshake' live.

Hozier: Amazing live performer and his songs are captivating. Can't wait to hear his album.

Ryan Vail: Label mates at Champion Sound. Their new material is unbelievable and they're so interesting live as it is all hardware synths and drum machines.

Future Islands: Eager to see these guys. Their live performances look incredible! They seem crazy in the best possible way.

The Hold Steady: I remember seeing them play Glastonbury on TV a few years ago and was obsessed with them shortly after; would be great to actually get to see them live.

Choices from Gemma Dunleavy:

John Hopkins: This track is perfect, the percussive elements have such a real feel to them, it's so comforting, 'Abandon Window' is another favourite of mine from this album. I'm most excited about seeing Jon Hopkins.

These New Puritans: 'Field of Reeds' is the title track from the band's third album. What a beautiful track; the instrumentation and arrangement evoke feelings of discomfort and pure bliss all in the one breath. I'm am very intrigued to see how they sound live.

Tennis: I first heard this song in 2010 and it's one I return to a lot. I love the bright carefree pop feel to Tennis' music - I'm really looking forward to seeing the duo live!

Fat White Family: After missing Fat White Family's show at SXSW, I'll be sure not to miss them in Brighton. If their live show reviews are anything to go by they definitely leave the audience with something to remember.

Douglas Dare: I saw Douglas Dare about four years ago on keys and vocals. The haunting sound to his music, I found quite powerful and it left me quite still. I love the production style on his newer stuff, it's subtle and sparse and there's a lot more of that stillness in it and I'm sure it would make for an even better live show.