From the newly born Norwegian label named unn records comes one of its founders, Ole Torjus. Dwelling in the rainy city of Bergen, he creates and performs a warm, minimalistic and organic sounding electronica that tries to combine the possibilities that lie in the digital domain of musicianship with the organic human qualities. He is focusing on letting the human behind the computer shine through in the music. He has to this date released one album, which is a split with his danish colleague Himstregims, and the album bears the well fitting title "split". The album was released on unn records, a label collective with its base in Norway, that tries to promote and release good DIY music to as many as possible without failing to recognize what the good and bad forces in the music business are.

The "split" album was an album made in rain, during migration to a new country and city, presenting a creaking and cozy sonic experience with both lively and melancholic beats, and today Ole Torjus and unn records are presenting a new, exclusive The405 release that shares a lot of the themes of his previous efforts. Again, the theme of migration is being conveyed through the use of intimate and organic sounds, trying to deliver a story about human experience trough electronic, and this time also acoustic, music.

These two tracks, "renvas ugnim" and "renvas ugnim for badly tuned piano" are both made for my girlfriend. I've always been trying to make lovesongs or songs to and about people I like, but I've always found it really hard. But now, she's moving to China, and I just had to. Migration, moving and separation have always been something I'm the worst at. These types of situations usually brings with it two things, a goodbye and some kind of present. I've found that I really suck at both these activities. These two tracks are my way of dealing with that.

The first track, "renvas ugnim" is an electronic track that I made when I first moved back to my home village for the summer, after spending my first year ever in the same city with my girlfriend of three years. The thing about the track is that the melody is based on a piano piece that I had been working on, written on her electric piano actually, for her. But I wasn't sure if it was going to be good, so I decided to try to take it into the digital domain. So, the romantic douche I am, I put up all the pictures of her and just started recording things, and during my first days away I had a song. In a way, that process made me able to continue to finish my piano piece, I just stuck the microphone as deep into the piano that I possibly could, capturing absolutely every move of my foot on the sustain-pedal, making the piano sound much like an old wooden ship on its way to the distant shores of China. I've always used the piano to talk to myself , and not knowing exactly what to make of this her-going-to-china situation, I felt that recording this piece was the best way to express something. And so I decided to put them together, both the digital and the acoustic, and now I'll just hope that she likes them too and that she'll have a good time in China. Say goodbye to her with me, Internet!

You can find out more about Unn Records at their bandcamp and facebook.

Header image by Ming Unn Andersen