Uno Møller Invites You To A Treasure Hunt
Uno Møller on Myspace

The wonderful chaps of Lazy Acre Records are showcasing a track a day from Uno Møller's new album Songs From My Beautiful Colourball in a few weeks and will be running an online treasure hunt around it, whereby people that follow the treasure hunt can collect clues to enter a prize draw. The winner will win a completely bespoke one off EP made for them by Uno (how good is that?) He will write a new song about/for/with the winner as well as recording two covers of the winners choice. It will all be hand packaged into a completely one off CD and unavailable to anyone else in the world. Ever. The 405, Lazy Acre and Uno himself are all pretty psyched to see what this ends up looking and sounding like! The 405 will be partaking in the whole thing. Will we be teasing clues? A destination to find an answer on? We don't know yet, but rest assured we'll be zapping more information to you just as soon as we find out ourselves. We're just gutted that we can't enter the competition ourselves!