The Uno Moller Online Treasure Hunt Continues!
Uno Moller on Myspace
You may remember our news piece about the Uno Moller treasure hunt a couple of weeks ago. The time is nigh! Let us refresh you on the prize: Uno recording a bespoke EP of songs chosen by the winner, hand packaged in a one off CD. How do you win? Simple: the treasure hunt is taking place over a few days, and for each day there will be a keyword and a song hosted on a different website. Each website that hosts one of these little articles will include a link to the next site where you can find the next keyword so all you need to do is keep an eye out, collect all the keywords and win win! If you haven't already been keeping up to the minute with this, never fear: you can begin the treasure hunt from the Lazy Acre official website. Now, have a listen to the gorgeous song we've been allocated and find the keyword below. <a href="">Midnight by Uno Moller</a> Don't forget The album is available as a 'you name the price' download' Check out the video to the lovely 'Graveyard Dance':
KEYWORD: STILL Continue the treasure hunt tomorrow at Little Lion Girl