Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin have seen their back catalogue dissected like few other bands have - however, it seems there are still recordings to be unveiled: "I found some quarter-inch spools recently, and there's some very, very interesting bits and pieces that probably will turn up [soon]," revealed Robert Plant during a recent interview with BBC 6 Music. "Hidden gems - now that should be the name of [our] band, really."

Plant also revealed he went over the recordings with Jimmy Page and that after their meeting they talked to John Paul Jones and are currently waiting for the bassist to give them his OK: "I'm desperately trying to [use] this one track - or the two tracks - [with] John Paul Jones singing lead," he explains. "And so far [Jones is] up to giving me two cars and a greenhouse [to leave] them [off] the album."

If all goes as planned, the recently found recordings should surface sometime in 2014 as part of a series of Led Zep remastered and deluxe editions. [via Clash]