It’s not easy being in a band.  Unless your part of the upper echelons where lobster on toast and caviar sandwiches can be summoned at the click of your fingers, it’s a hard slog all the way.  However for this lot, Pork Scratchings in their local Barfly are more than enough of a treat.  Ladies and Gents, 22 acts giving us a reason to believe…  Unsigned Heaven Disc 1 1. Heels Catch Fire – Glass Pedestals – Yet another fantastic band from Brighton.  How indie rock should be done 2. The Daisy Riots – Natalie – Maccabees style catchiness from Southports most exciting exports 3. Arthur – On top of the world – A slower track with hushed female vocals that do a great job of holding your attention 4. A Born Idler – Uh Oh – A fuzzy wonk rock jam from the Washington DC trio 5. The Sporting Life – Calamity - Liverpool outfit play funky bluesy stuff that Fly magazine excellently described as a ‘swampabilly-stomp’ 6. The Guildean Gang – Swirls – If you liked The Holloways you’ll love this 7. Lion Club – Age – Driving beats and White Lies type vocals make a real stomper of a track here from the mature sounding teens 8. Scarlet Harlots – Harlots house – Look out for these brummy lads to win Channel 4’s Orange Unsigned Act, hopefully 9. Rupert And The Robbers – Bad hour - Hereford the new Manchester?!  Err no obviously not, but I reckon these boys are rather ace - sounds a bit like Good Shoes 10. This City – We move – A bit My Chemical Romancey, but don’t run for the hills just yet, it rocks, dude 11. Polly Mackey – 18 hours – Wrexham youngster can write a hell of a song, enjoy…   Download Disc 1 here   Unsigned Heaven Disc 2 1. Delphic – Doubt – The Rapture meets The KBC, as slick as the great 1996 Oil Spill off the coast of Wales.  Sorry environment fans 2. Flashguns – Bells at Midnight - Indie but no Pigeon Detective leather jackets or Kooks string vests here, its excellently performed by a very nice sounding young band 3. The Joy Formidable – Cradle - Self-releasing their debut LP early next year, the band will do 300 hand made copies so get that pre-order in early folks 4. Assembly Now – Caucasian Nights – Prolifically catchy but never annoying, like Goodbooks but far more interesting 5. I Say Marvin – Powerdown – It sounds like having Frank Carter of Gallows wretch his stomach acid all over your face, get your screaming head on 6. Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening/Morning – Probably my favourite band across both discs these chaps are truly spellbinding and make the likes of Cajun Dance Party sound like Seasick Steve 7. One Horse Race – Lions – Ok, so after 2.5 seconds you will definitely scream FOOOAAAALLLLSSSSS at your speakers, but by the time “I fell in to the Lions den..” kicks in you are sure to forgive the Stoke boys familiar riffs, trust me 8. My Auntie Sam – Scarlet Letter – Quick, punchy-indie-pop-smile-rock, get your disco dancing shoes on and pogo like someone should be looking after you 9. Little Thief – Hey Secretary – Heartbroken fans of Milburn Rejoice! “Her booty’s delightful, he’s towering like the Eiffel”, poetry. 10. My Luminaries – The outsider steps in - They seem to have been around forever but nothing appears to be happening with these lads (see also Pull Tiger Tail) but on this basis it can’t be long before we’re hearing more from them can it?  A wonderful listen 11. The Ramsays – Lets call this a night – Witty lyrics delivered with the tongue twisting of Alex Turner whilst still being obviously genuine, these lads write songs about old girlfriends and piss ups that for a change, are not shit.  If the Monkeys had penned a follow up to Mardy Bum it may sound a little like this   Download Disc 2 here   Rich Melvin