This is an old fight between artists and audiences: several musicians have publicly asked fans to "put that shit away" during their concerts (remember the Yeah Yeah Yeahs back in April?), and Unsound Festival organization has finally made it a reality.

During Krakow’s event last week, all photography and filming was banned in the hope of encouraging the audience to "focus on being in the moment." The result was the attendees generating a creative response by carrying pens, pencils and papers with them and sketching the whole experience instead: "We want to question the automatic tendency to place photos and videos of concerts online, be it on social networks, music websites or video streaming platforms, to put some tiny glitch in the constant bombardment of images, today's main tool of communication," explained the festival's artistic director Mat Shulz.

A selection of the drawings have now been uploaded to the Festival's Facebook page, celebrating not only the artistic talent of the audience but also their involvement. [via FACT]