Poland's Unsound Festival is set to return this fall, and we've got all the details for you. Leading the first wave will be Ben Frost, Swans, EVOL, Perc, Radian, The Necks, Container, TCF, and Total Freedom, as well as Joey Anderson, DJ Stingray, Carter Tutti Void, Rrose, Deathprod, and Ephemera - a multi-sensory installation that features contributions from Kode9, Tim Hecker and Frost.

The organisers have also revealed this year's theme will be "the dream", as explained by the statement below:

What does it mean to be Living The Dream? The Dream is a symptom of a world where self expression and experience are increasingly mediated and commodified. The Dream plays out on laptops used for work and leisure, in networked coffee shops, airports, international ―artistic enclaves and nightclubs. Anxiety is its nderside: those Living The Dream often do so in precarious financial situations, while in the background, cological and economic systems lurch towards collapse. The Dream is the (unintended) result of a century’s worth of counterculture.

The Dream is the status update.

The Dream is seamless creation and sharing.

The Dream is the history of music available at the click of a button.

The Dream is fleeting and highly combustible.

Unsound Festival takes place between October 12th and 19th; for further info on the line-up, and to buy tickets, head here.